Monday, July 11, 2016

Neilsan - Even If We're Lost

There's something innocent about this song. Something that doesn't come with some prepackaged notion of what it's supposed to be. It's clear and it's direct but it doesn't force itself on you. It just evolves with you along the way. I like how the vocals are punctuated as is they've been programmed into the keys of a Midi Fighter 64 and Neilsan is hitting them at just the right time to clip them in a dramatic fashion. The way that the track flows draws pictures in my mind of some kids lost on an adventure and they wind up in a field of sunflowers. They know they are lost but something just makes it ok that they're out there on their own. The build up is great. It's a fantastic example of what a chill, really freaking cool EDM track should sound like. When the breakdown happens and there's that momentary silence it's like the track is catching it's breath so that it can make the charge over the finish line.

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