Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jay Arseno - Shine! (DJ Sean Mac Remix)

You know it takes something damn special for me to post a male lead dance track and this remix is something damn special.  Ran across Jay Arseno on the internet today and felt like I needed more of him. So I stalked him across the web and found all the pertinent sites. He's got an amazing voice. Honesty and integrity come shining through on his less dance-type tracks. There's an unrefined beauty to his voice that makes you want to have him there, in front of you, singing.  Like Doug Baron, you can hear how New Orleans has influenced his art. It's earthy and grounded. It's got all these amazing influences like the Delta and it comes together to form this amazing gumbo of audio genius.

So let's talk about this mix. Jay's voice is punctuated with the amazing beat that just throbs and pulses through you. It will make you get up and move your ass.  And the lyrical content is amazing. It's an actual song opposed to something that just has no meaning. If you actually listen to the lyrics, he has something to say and a point of view. That's not something you get at all in the dance industry. You generally just get cotton candy fluff that's meant to get you moving and there's nothing wrong with that but sometimes it's nice to get a little content out of your EDM.

I went back 4 years to listen to the original mix of the song and it's great too. I think that DJ Sean Mac has done an amazing job of taking a song that was already good and accentuating what makes it good while not trampling on the original vision. He's elevated the song into something bigger than the original while paying tribute to what Jay did to begin with. Both versions of this track are pretty incredible.

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