Monday, January 14, 2013

UltraVillain - Break Out

This gem slipped by me last month and for that I am sorry.  Vancouver Future Pop duo, UltraVillain are serving up dark, sexy, sultry vibes in their video for their debut single, "Break Out".  This track is hot.  This group is hot.  The production on this is a slow build that never wears you out.  The synth is solid and doesn't sound repetitive like other artists can.  It has a very futuristic vibe and combined with the strength of not only the vocals but the lyrics and the imagery this song is freaking amazing.  I really think that this group is sleeping giant that is just waiting to take the industry by storm and with the right promotion in a few months everyone is going to know them.  This song has just the right amount of sex appeal that it doesn't border on dirty or too much.  It's a great track and I think it has the potential to be huge.  They have an EP titled, Lost In You coming out March 13 of this year so make sure you are looking out for it.  I can't find much about them online so I am going to do some investigating, in the meantime I'll just leave you with this video and a cold shower if you need it.

By the way, you can also download the track for free here: or buy on itunes here:  As awesome as it is to get it for free, go support them.  It's a dollar.  Don't get the Venti today, just get the Grande.  The song is better than the coffee anyway.

UltraVillain on the Web

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