Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Paper Route - You And I

When you know by the 3rd chord that the group is going to grab you, it's a good ass song.  Nashville based, Paper Route have been making music for quite some time but it's one of those situations that you don't hear them until you're ready to.  I don't know much about their history but I know they are three guys making music that just resonates.  They released a new album in 2012 called, The Peace of Wild Things and it's a brilliant mixture of synth, pop, rock and a little bit of something secret.  This chorus is ridiculously catchy and just makes you bounce along with them.  This track has more of a mainstream pop feel to it and it would fit on terrestrial radio easily.  I am going to do some more digging into this band but I think they are easily going to be someone that I will look forward to listening to.

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