Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Matt Alber - The End of the World (2012 Edition)

My last post was about a gay artist that I feel compromised his beliefs and potentially his integrity for the sake for record sales. Now, I don't have that on any authority but it's how I feel. This song/video are completely different. The song is so unassuming and simple it just floats by on a breeze of melancholy tenderness and the video is simply stunning. The visuals are clean and pull no punches. I first saw this video back in 2009 and Matt has rereleased the video in a higher quality that is more true to his artistic vision. It is nothing short of brilliant and make me know without a shadow of a doubt why there are gay artists making music that will speak to millions. "The End of The World" is one of those pieces of art that will last longer than any of us and I am truly grateful that Matt shared it with us.

This video makes me hopeful that one day; I, too, will find this type of love again.

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