Monday, March 26, 2012

Liquid Diet - Hand Dance

Entendre, Innuendo... whatever you call it, it has a funky beat and I can bug out to it.  Pop trio, Liquid Diet (made up of Georgia Haege, Billy Hanson and Electronathan ) are storming the music scene with a delightfully fun romp through the latest craze to sweep the nation, the Hand Dance.  When things just aren't exactly how you need them to be, just express yourself and let your hands be your guide.  The video is super sexy and is a perfect compliment to the song.  Georgia and Billy are perfectly delectable and have such charisma and charm they could be singing the telephone directory and I would pay attention.  Their back and forth works amazingly well and it makes me think of other great male/female duos: Astrid Plane & Bill Wadhams from Animotion, Philip Oakey & Susan Ann Sulley from The Human League and even Jake Shears and Ana Matronic from my beloved Scissor Sisters.

I actually heard this song months ago and filed it away and unfortunately am now just getting back to it.  I think I stumbled across it by surfiing youtube late one night and played the video out of pure curiosity.  Well much like the cat, I've been satiated.  Take the 4:13 it takes to listen to the song see if you're interested in what they have to offer and if you are the least bit interested, they have done something incredible for my readers.  They are giving away a free download of their cover of George Michael's "Father Figure" over at their Soundcloud page.  That's right readers, my very first exclusive giveaway brought to you by the good people of Liquid Diet.  I think they have the goods to fight through the ever expanding sea of synth pop artists and it's the power of the collaboration between Georgia and Billy.

While you're at their Sound Cloud page, grab the free download and listen to the other track, "Nude".  It's got the same energy and is just as fun as the other two tracks.  I wish them much success because it's great pop music and the world needs more greatness in it.

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