Friday, March 30, 2012

Short Stack - Soul

Like magic, this video appeared in my subscriptions and I had to jump on it. I think I'm actually one of the first people to watch the video.  You don't know who Short Stack is.  That's cool.  I'm just really learning about them as well.  I know they are a band from Australia and they have a pretty massive following down under.  The band is made up of Shaun Diviney, Bradie Webb, and Andy Clemmensen; 3 friends that met while attending the same art school in Newcastle.  They've released 2 studio albums and have headlined 2 of their own tours.  They've opened for Good Charlotte and are well on their way to becoming huge.

This track is a complete amazing power pop/rock song that has this edge about it, bordering on manic and it's a good thing.  The guys sound amazing and the video works well with the track.  In my opinion, they have a similar vibe to My Chemical Romance and that is in no way a slap.  I'm a fan of MCR and I'm totally digging Short Stack.  Shaun's vocals are great in this track and chorus is amazingly catchy.  Unfortunately, this is the last track that they are releasing as a band so it is with heavy heart that I bid them goodbye.  Support their first two releases because they are great and worth it.  I look forward to following Shaun in his career as he is going to continue his musical journey.

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