Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Son of a Kid - Destroy, Destroy

Destroy, Destroy by Set Fire Run

Every so often I have to post a song by Son of a Kid.  This was created back when they were still Set Fire Run but it is an amazing song.  Probably one of my most favorites.  I think you should give this a listen then you should follow them on all social media outlets possible.  Their music has so much depth, not only in the melody but in the artistry behind it as well.  The vocals are always top notch and the quality of the recordings are spot on.  This band needs to be signed by a record label so they can tour and bring all this amazing energy to the world.

Yes, I am a bit biased because I love everything they do.  An act with this much passion for the creation of art should be on the top of everyone's list.  Listen to the track, you'll dig it....I promise.

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