Friday, July 30, 2010

In Memory...

Because this is a music blog and I've talked about how important music is in my life, it's important that I share this today.

6 months ago, the most surreal thing that could ever happen, happened. My partner of 11 years passed away. He was the best there was in me, he was my best friend and just generally the person that I knew would always be there. Well, today makes six months ago that he died. Do you know how that sounds to actually say out loud? It's probably one of the most unnerving things you may ever find yourself saying.

I miss him. I miss him every hour of every day and there are some days when it kills me to think I have to go on without him, but I do.

The video above is from the Broadway musical Wicked. It's the last song of the show that brings everything together. Sean and I would pretend we were the proprietary cast and belt this duet out in the car, karaoke style. It's funny, he was always Glinda and I took the part of Elphaba. Now, it seems as if those roles have reversed. I played this song at his funeral and today was the first day since then that I've listened to it. I pray that you never have to go through what I have but if you do, just know there is probably someone in this world that you have changed for good...

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