Monday, July 12, 2010


Welcome to the Mid 8. This is my attempt to become a wildly successful music blogger. Well not so much, but I am going to blog about all the new music I am learning about. While I might not be on the cutting edge of the interwebs, I certainly am when it comes to geography.

Living in rural Kentucky, you aren't necessarily exposed to alot of really great new pop music on terrestrial radio. In fact, I think we have 2 pop stations and the rest are all country. While there is nothing wrong with country music, it's not everything my life is cracked up to be. To combat this, I am a purveyor of the internet and owner of a snazzy satellite radio. I have been a Sirius subscriber going on 6 years now so I really can't do without it.

That being said, I may recycle artists you are already familiar with but if I am posting about them here, it means they are either an amazing band, a new band or just something really interesting.

I hope you hang out with me and get to know some of the groups I am going to feature and I look forward to your suggestions.

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