Monday, July 19, 2010

Need Both Hands and a Map

I have dived head first into a very deep pool of pop music and I am finding it difficult to determine where to start. I have a laundry list of albums and artists and they are all good so bear with me while I sort through it all to weed out the good from the great and the mediocre from the crap. I think because I'm playing catch up with the rest of the global music community it is very difficult to keep up. I am trying to listen to new releases so that I am current but I also am trying to get with what I've missed.

Over the next little while, I will talk about Swedish Pop and more Brit pop and Australian pop in the form of the Amy Meredith Band. I know they are not the only representatives from the land down under but they are hot right now in my corner of the world so I'll talk about them.

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