Monday, July 12, 2010

Simon Curtis

Doing something that is unheard of in the dog eat dog world of music, Simon Curtis released his album 8-bit Heart on his website as a free download to anyone and everyone who wanted it. He did this after he reached 8000 followers on twitter as a thank you to his fans. He is currently unsigned and is working on getting a recording contract and if his future releases are anything like this one, he should have no problem.

The first song I heard off the album was Diablo:

And pretty much knew I was hooked. I love how he samples "If You Seek Amy" by Britney Spears without actually sampling it. His vocals are tight and the lyrical content is actually thought out.

If you like Electronica, Dance, Pop or any variation of the above this is a stand out album for you. It tends to be pretty heavy on the electro-clash sound with quite a bit of 8-bit nostalgia mixed in but it is a very solid record. My favorite tracks have to be Beat Drop for the awesome operatic breakdown.

I am not really sure where the sample from The Dark comes from but the scope and the theme of the record are pretty epic. I love the Jay-Z "collaboration" in this song.

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