Thursday, September 28, 2017

Gabrielle Aplin - Waking Up Slow

Sometimes we just need to step outside ourselves and get swept up in a good pop tune and Gabrielle Alpin's new track is just what the doctor ordered. In a world where we are so caught up in the fast paced technology based call and answer of social media, there are times when we just disconnect and recharge. We may not be able to sleep or we may just need to take ourselves on an adventure. This track and video both blur the lines between the dreamer and reality and help us see that there is something larger to connect with in the world. The visuals are deliciously 70s from the feathered Farah Fawcett hair to the big blue eye shadow to the wardrobe. Gabrielle is as comfortable in these clothes as she is in fashion of today. The juxtaposition of the wardrobe to the vocals brings this together as an incredible video for a pop song that will certainly get tangled up in your brain for a while. I will be going back for more and enjoying other releases from this London based singer.

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