Friday, September 8, 2017

Dutch Party - Blade Runner

Infectious guitar riffs and a vocal quality that rivals that of Ezra Koening of Vampire Weekend or Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit, Ken Franklin of Dutch Party is carving his place in the world of Dream Pop with the first single off their upcoming EP, Combat Pop. The video for 'Blade Runner' is set in a very near future and follows Ken as he's delivering a package before falling into shenanigans and being rescued by our intrepid video heroine. The song is a fun romp through how proper Alt Pop should sound. It just makes you bop along with it and you find yourself coming back for more when it's done. It's sugary sweet but not so much so that you're not willing to go in for seconds. I really dig their sounds and the very intelligent use of the synth in this track gives it a much more realized sound than a song that is just more synth based. It's good to hear instrumentation of an actual band opposed to just a song completely and totally constructed via the use of synths and drum machines.

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