Thursday, September 28, 2017

Maggie Szabo - Don't Give Up

Inspirational. Beautiful. Important. 3 words that come to mind while watching this video for Maggie Szabo's latest single, "Don't Give Up". I feel that we are in a very hectic time right now and it's important for songs and visuals like this to remind us that we aren't alone. In a world where representation is crucial and being able to see ourselves reflected in media; it is important for music like this to exist. The video is done is such a careful way as to not be ham fisted with the material but present it in a way that is accessible and honest to the viewer. Maggie's vocals are stunning and create such a beautiful backdrop for this story of acceptance and finding yourself. Our trans brothers and sisters are at such a risk for not only marginalization but suicide that videos like this give a voice to the struggle that so many young people face on a daily basis. The young transman in the video is treated with dignity and respect and shown that he matters and he is important. And it's damn important that we show our extended family in the LGBTQIA+ family this every day. They matter and they are valid and their existence won't be swept under the carpet.

I like how this video was realistic in the fact that the couple didn't go to the prom and were immediately accepted by their peers. I like that it didn't show the couple as an object of ridicule or violence either. So often in the LGBT+ world, we are shown that the only way to be made feel part of something is to have graphic representations of coming out where violence and shame happens. And that doesn't do anything to help people learn and grown in themselves but having a portrayal of care and affection where the couple can express themselves, even by themselves is honest and realistic.  Any proceeds from this video will go to the Ali Forney Center, who strive to make everyone feel welcome and part of something and end the plague of homelessness within the LGBT+ community and our youth. Check out the video and share it with your friends and family. Start a dialog about trans education and let's make a positive impact on those people who are so malleable and are in need of a voice.

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