Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Liquid Diet - My C*nt

Raucous, bawdy, unapologetic. My three favorite adjectives to describe Liquid Diet. In my review of their album, Double Life, I talked about how this song is as much social commentary as it is incredible dance track. Georgia says, "I fucked a DJ and he played my song, cause a record deal takes too long" and it's a fact about our culture today. If you can get the product in then hands of the people that want it in a much more streamlined fashion, aren't you going to? Why deal with the long drawn out process of contract negotiation and haggling over rights....that's not sexy. It's not fast and it's not the Liquid Diet way.

The video takes place in an office where Jonathan is playing the unrelenting tyrant of a boss, destroying all the fun and livelihood in the workplace. Again, not sexy. He relishes his time on screen as the mean queen and does a fantastic job at it. (Insert winky face here). Billy just wants to have a good time and work on his music as he is the most sought after DJ in the land, Mike Hunt and Georgia is seeking the legendary music maker to get her product out to her adoring fans. The atmosphere changes when Jonathan takes a nap and Georgia gets the music out. The office workers transform into their real selves and the party begins.

Yeah, the song is titled "My Cunt" and there are plenty of references to cunt throughout but words are only powerful if you give them meaning and when you take the power out of a word, it's merely that. A word. A set of letters strung together to describe something. While you may believe this song is all about shock value, I see it as something totally different. Like I said, it's social commentary and it's progressive and it makes you talk. Whether you have a positive or a negative opinion, you're at least having a conversation and that's what art does.  It's also giving people the opportunity to see some amazing NYC based talent they may not be familiar with like legendary burlesque star Dirty Martini and Brooklyn based drag artist Jeff Poulin.

Make sure you check out their debut video, "Luminary" and see how far down the rabbit hole you can go.  Pick up their album, Double Life on iTunes and just support this amazingly cool group of people that are taking risks and making music on their own terms.

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