Monday, September 26, 2016

Glenn Stewart - Around Again (DJ Chris Spear Remix)

Take a country cover of a pop song and make a dance mix of it... is it still country or a little bit rock and roll? There's enough Donnie and Marie in this to get you off your ass and moving. We've already swooned over the cover Glenn Stewart did of this song (because it's an amazing cover) so lets talk about how DJ Chris Spear (another long time friend of the blog) took that country cover and made something super cool out of it. The low end hits so freaking hard and it's easily a helluva dance track. Mix this into any party playlist and you're going to have people dancing and giving you that knowing look that they recognize it but aren't completely sure where they've heard it and then when the chorus hits, they will have a spark of recognition and then dance their asses off.

The video mix is by DJ Eric out of Atlanta and it takes some work to get a remix to sync up to a video and have it done as well as he's done here. This is an amazing collaboration by a handful of independent artists that prove you don't have to have the backing of a major record label to make something great. It's a damn good remix that doesn't lose the integrity of the original cover and I think that's something amazing that Chris does. There's enough of him in a remix to put his own stamp on it without taking away from what's already been done. It takes a producer without ego to know how to properly do that. Glenn's voice is still golden and it sounds amazing. The country vibe is still here and it's still got that feeling of amazement that you get when you hear Glenn's version for the first time.

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