Thursday, September 8, 2016

Glenn Stewart - Around Again (Rupaul Cover)

Covers. They're either amazing or horrible. There's generally no grey area. What makes a successful cover in my eyes is the reinvention of the song. Take something that is established and give it a new life and that's exactly what country artist, Glenn Stewart has done and I'm not gonna lie.... I think I almost appreciate this version of the song more than the original. This is a cover of a Rupaul song and I think what he's done is give this a layer of emotion that makes it more than a dance song. It's his inflection and it's the arrangement. It's the emphasis on certain words and how it's got a whole new vibe. I really dig this track and I'm moderately upset that it's taken me this long to find it and get into it.

The passion that Glenn is delivering his performance is amazing. He's fully committed to this song and he's giving you everything you need. It's very cool to see just how into it is, that's a sure sign that he's doing what he loves and he's not half-assing it. I will look more into his music and see what all he has to offer. I am going to bet if his originals are as good as this cover, I am going to have a new favorite independent country artist on my hands.

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