Friday, May 20, 2016

Meet Hydrogen Child

I wrote about Ansley and company way back when they were known as Super Water Sympathy. "Uh Oh" was this super cool track that I stumbled across and then I kind of lost track of the band but I also let life get in the way of my writing and lost my way.  Last night, I found that they had evolved into Hydrogen Child and all I can say is DAMN.
Their sound has evolved so much and Ansley sound AMAZING.  This EP is so freaking good. It's got a new wave attitude wrapped up tightly in this cool romantic vibe. It's the EP that you can throw on and each song will fall right into where you need it to be.  They are far too cool to not have a million followers by now. They could easily be headlining shows around the country instead of just doing regional shows.

You don't get production/vocal quality like this on what would be considered a first EP. I know they had a full album as Super Water Sympathy but as Hydrogen Child, the Sirens EP is where we have to start. And it's a damn good start. I can't say how great this album is so I'll just let them do it for me.  Listen to it and go to Amazon or iTunes and spend the $5 on it because it's magnificent.

Hydrogen Child on the Web
Twitter: @hydrogenchild

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