Saturday, May 21, 2016

Trenton - Ghost Runner

I'm always amazed at how far technology has come when it comes to music production. "Ghost Runner" by Nashville based singer/songwriter Ryan Courtney aka Trenton is incredible. It's polished. It's full. It's finished. It doesn't sound like something that has been thrown together or rushed. It's got a melancholy, languid feel to it that just floats along. You get caught in it's riptide and are gently pulled along through the journey that Ryan is leading you on. His vocal delivery boarders on syrupy as it just pours over you. I know he's been compared to Rufus Wainwright but I hear some Ben Gibbard around the "I Will Follow You" time period and even some of the smaller, softer moments that Brandon Flowers is capable of. The instrumentation is a lot like a stream moving you along as you just ride through and occasionally get swept up in faster moving currents.

I think there's something about Nashville based songwriters that give them an innate abilty to tap into some emotional reserve that we all share and they are able to help us understand more about what we are feeling. It may not be the exact emotion and it may not be the exact words they say but through several of these songs; "Found", "Unanswered", and "Show Me How" - I had an emotional response. Not some grand sweeping gesture but I was like... I feel these things. I have a place from which to pull an experience similar to the one that Ryan is capturing for me in a beautifully melodic fashion. "Awake" could easily stand up to anything Coldplay has released. And you find yourself closing your eyes and just bobbing along to it as you let everything else fade away. "Show Me How" made me gasp the first time I heard it because of the gorgeous quality of Ryan's voice and breath control on the opening lines. Then the track kicks in and I was like, "Damn. That's how we're gonna do this" and I was won over effortlessly.

Pick up this EP and support this guy because he's got amazing potential to be something huge. Trenton is definitely one of my go to groups now. It's just a very easy project to get behind and support. I think he's going to go places and it's cool to sit back and watch him.

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