Monday, May 23, 2016

Silent Gloves - One for the Money

Silent Gloves is one of the most talented synthwave producers that you've never heard of. He and a handful of other artists are pioneering this genre and creating music that harkens back to a much simpler time. Well a time full of beautiful synth textures and layers.  Synth pop is generally my go to genre because I love everything New Wave. I love the sounds, the ambiance, the overall feeling that music that has been artfully crafted like this gives you. Some people may look at synth pop not as "real music" but I've always considered it much deeper in some aspects because everything has to be created from the ground up. The programming of the track and the placement of the loops borders on an enigmatic puzzle as the producer is putting everything in place to make music.

"One for the Money" is the latest track from Dayton, Ohio based Silent Gloves and it is just an amazingly cool song that you just get lost in. It's funky and cool and fills you with an amazing nostalgia that feels right. Throw the talented Dana Jean Phoenix on vocals into this mix and you've got a delicious gem of a track that makes you feel like you're racing down the pixelated streets of a 16 bit animated action adventure. There aren't many vocalists like Dana Jean encapsulating the retro feel these songs require and she's quickly become the go-to when you need someone to do justice to the lyrics and take the song to a whole new level.

Keep up with Silent Gloves on his Soundcloud for more amazing tracks and remixes.

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