Friday, May 20, 2016

City Rain - Me Without You

It feels good to be inspired again. It feels good to have new music that challenges me.  Ben Runyan has been doing that since 2011 for me and this new track that he's released, "Me Without You" is probably one of the most raw and vulnerable lyrically imposing records he's released.  In the past, it's almost as if Ben has hidden behind a bit of production trickery on his voice but this has a very unfiltered quality to his voice. It's honest. It's hurt. It's trying to regain it's footing and it echoes where we've all been at sometime in our lives. Even though he's got scuffs and scrapes to show for it, he's still there. Still wanting to offer a hand if he's needed. He knows that there's nothing left to salvage but he's puzzling it through and the way the track ends..... I mean, come on. How much more genius can it be.

City Rain has always been in the back of my mind as one of those groups that circles the fringes and pops up when you need them in your life and right now, I apparently needed a jolt from these guys. It's good to have a single and it's even better knowing there's an album right around the corner.  Will keep you informed.

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