Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mash Ups by Captain Obvious

I think it takes a particular talent to do mash ups well.  Yeah, anyone with software can take two or more songs and smoosh them together but when you do it right, you create a whole new vehicle for the previous releases.  Captain Obvious is a product of a London based, DJ/Podcaster/Remixer/a little bit of everything else also known as mutantpop or the guy behind the Radio Clash blog. He received a tremendous amount of internet love when the Scissor Sisters retweeted his mashup, "Madonna Has A Kiki" so he uploaded his stuff to SoundCloud and now has the ability to attract a whole new fan base.  I think they are all great and I particularly like "Right Gaga" because it's done well.  That is my biggest need, it has to be done well and he did a bang up job of it.

Captain Obvious on the Web

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