Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Damn Cool Ex - Intensify

It really takes a lot for a club type song to make me take notice.  I think the vocals on this track make it stand apart from other similar tracks.  Bettina Hammarsten's voice is powerful enough that the track doesn't overpower her and she has the ability to run all over it and take command of the track.  Damn Cool Ex, formerly DCX, is actually one of Finland's most popular dance groups with a long history dating back to 1997.  They have participated in the Eurovision Song Contest placing 5th out of all the entries from Finland.  Bettina has participated in Finland Idol as well as The Voice.  Behind the scenes paving the way for Bettina to her thing is producer extraordinaire, Joel Kalsi and Olli Lintuniemi.

"Intensify" is their new single showcasing their more club feel.  I like it and I think that with the right publicity and marketing, it could be a big single.  I would like to hear it in a club rather than from my computer speakers, so if there's a DJ near that wants to spin this for me... please let me know and I will come dance my ass off to it.  Take a listen and see if you agree that Damn Cool Ex is Finland's best kept secret.

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