Monday, August 20, 2012

Son of a Kid - Solow

I talk about Son of a Kid so much because they deserve all the praise in the world.  I've talked about how amazing it is they create music on their own and publish it online without the help of a record agency and how they continue to create music because it appear simply because they can.  On top of creating music, they are not afraid of creating videos as well.  Their latest video is for the track, "Solow".  This video proves that there doesn't have to be some gigantic budget or some all encompassing story behind an artistic treatment.  After hearing this song and watching the video, I think that Alx did exactly what was called for in this video.  It's lo-fi and kind of grungy, like the way you would be feeling if you had your heart stomped on and had been made to feel low.  This video is another shining example of what people can do if they are passionate about their art.  Sometimes, you just have to keep it simple.

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