Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Young Professionals - 20 Seconds

They blew me away with the video for D.I.S.C.O and this video and song is no different.  There is an underlying Arabian sound mingled in with the throbbing baseline that makes this song just resonate with power. It's a little dubstep, it's a little pop and it's a lot of electro.  Ivri & Jonnie are creating music that isn't Israeli or Euro, it's just music.  This song is all about the first impression and how you only have 20 seconds to come across in a manner that you will forever be remembered by.  It's a super catchy song with a great hook and I think it is actually breaking some boundaries.  I think the contrast of not only the women dressed in the burqa's versus the belly dancers but Uriel as the main cleric is an amazing piece of social commentary about women and how they are perceived.  I mean, here I am...a blogger in Kentucky talking about it so that mus mean something.

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