Saturday, October 15, 2016

Roger Jaeger - Start Over

I am in love. The voice. The sitar. THE SITAR. He plays the sitar in modern American music. I can not right now. I am awash with so much amazement especially trying to figure out why he's not a megastar. Forget Gavin Degraw, move over Jason Mraz. There is a new sheriff in town. Roger Jaeger is a Nashville based singer-songwriter and I am so glad that I stumbled across him.

His voice is the voice I want to hear in pop music right now. The timbre, the intensity, the quality of it is exactly what I need. This song is so good and it's criminal that it only has 3k views on youtube. He's singing about a universal feeling that we have all have felt at one point in our lives or another. We have made a decision or series of decisions and we want to do them over. We want a universal mulligan but only we want the knowledge of what came from the decision help guide our hand. And while there is a broad sweeping general appeal to this, we can't have it. We can't get our cosmic do-over and we live with the consequences of what we've done. For better or worse.

To have those ideals and thoughts represented in as beautiful of a manner that Roger has done here is a gift. The use of the sitar is inspired. It gives the song such an ethereal quality and elevates it to a new level. I love instruments that aren't typically used in pop music to have a place in the world. I love hearing how they add a whole new dimension to a song and it makes me write with a fever that is amazing and awe inspired.

I will be talking about Roger more in the future and will get in on his album so I can have more of his work in my life.

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