Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bright Light Bright Light - Cemetery of Two Hearts (Hallowe'en Mixtape)

You know I don't review mix tapes often and I generally don't go in on holiday themes but this one is AMAZING.  Bright Light Bright Light has released his Halloween mixtape, cleverly named Cemetery of Two Hearts (thusly named after his single, Symmetry of Two Hearts) and it is good. It's amazingly good. As if I didn't expect anything but from him. 

IT HAS "ROCK UNTIL YOU DROP" FROM THE MONSTER SQUAD. I repeat, he has included a song from The Monster Squad.  David Bowie, Kate Bush, Tori Amos are all here. "Shake Senora" from Beetlejuice.  He's just going out with tracks from all his favorite Halloween type movies.

And can we talk about his cover of "Touch Me" made famous by Cathy Dennis!!!! Rod knows exactly what he's doing and he knows how to properly leverage his platform. This cover is GORGEOUS. It's as if it was written for him specifically. And it is good. It is so good.

This is just a fun mixtape that will make you so stinking happy.

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