Monday, August 22, 2016

SelloRekT/ LA Dreams - IRIS

Take the intro of  Michael Jackson's 'Bad' turn it on it's side and make it a little more sinister and you've got Iris by SelloRekT / LA Dreams. One of the cooler synth instrumentals I've heard in a while, this track would fit into any 80s noir film or show when the shit was getting ready to hit the fan. It's dark and twisty. It's slow, methodical pacing makes you a bit uneasy and I think that any movie that would have a dark cloak and dagger style plot would definitely benefit from a track like this. It's got an ambivalent ambiance that makes you look over your shoulder a bit to make sure you aren't being followed.  It's a groovy track and another excellent example of what this genre of music can sound like.

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