Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Brenda Bennett - OK Enough

I don't necessarily think that we settle as much as we think we do, we merely rise to the circumstances of our situation and become fine with the outcomes in life. Sometimes we need a reminder that it's perfectly fine to not get everything in life that we thought we would. It may not be exactly the turnout we expected but that's okay too. Brenda's voice is amazing in this video. Her timeless vocals prove that you don't have to be young and scantily clad to make amazing music. You don't have to shake your ass to be relevant. Music documents different areas and times in our lives so having someone make amazing music at any stage of their life is a gift we should be thankful for. I have always been a fan of Brenda's ever since Vanity asked her how they were going to get to the party.  She makes me very happy and sings the songs that we need to hear on the days when the world isn't going our way.

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