Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Leagues - Alone Together Sampler

We are going to call this a sampler of what's to come off their new album, Alone Together, that drops on September 9, 2016 and if this is what we can expect then the whole album is going to be crazy. These 3 songs are full of electro-synthy goodness that just exemplifies the awesome music that Leagues are able to conjure up with ease. The way Thad's vocals seamlessly work in conjunction with the production work done on the tracks is gloriously effortless. You can hear the palpable chemistry these guys have and a love for the music they are creating.

"Lipstick Coffee" kicks off this playlist and it has this "grunge-y, sitting down on your heels, making a stank face" vibe to it. The bass line and the percussion takes the track and pushes it forward in an almost military like precision. The guitar solo is nuts. The progression of the song is just grimy and good. It is one that deserves to be listened to on repeat. It's such a cool fucking song. I am really, really enjoying this more than I have a lot of songs of late.

"Dance With Me" is a little more straight-forward. It's more indie pop and less an experimental dance pop/indie fusion. I think that it's a solid departure from what you had just heard in "Lipstick Coffee". It has a bit of retro new wave how the build up to the first chorus is designed. There is a bit of nostalgia wrapped up in it. You can maybe hear some Tangerine Dream or maybe a little OMD in the DNA of this song. It shows a versatility that still showcases Thad's vocals and Jeremy's production/programming/general all around badassness in a way that is intriguing and pushes you further into wanting to know more about what they have up their sleeve. It makes me close my eyes and just sink into the groove.

"Slow and Steady" is yet another facet of the gift they are trusting us with. Much more melodic and vulnerable, this song seems to work along it's own methodic pacing. It's a bit softer and more introspective. It's less synth heavy and Thad's vocals really shine as you're focusing on what he's saying and really digging deep into how they have power to make you feel different things with each offering.

I honestly can't wait until this album comes out. Their debut album, 'You Belong Here' is one that is never too far out of my own personal rotation. I think these two guys make a helluva team and they make incredible music.  I want to see them do HUGE things because they can. And can we just talk about that cover art for a second. These are two dead sexy dudes with an incredible glint in their eyes for mischief and shenanigans. I applaud the art director for deciding on this for the art.

Also, preorder the album here and get a free download of these three tracks and "New Money"!!

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