Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter League - Une Fois

The music industry has become very "open sourced" in the past 10 years as software and engineering equipment is more accessible to the general public and that has unleashed a deluge of artists on the world; some of them not so good and some of them mediocre but every now and then you'll find one that's a shining example of what music can be with the right direction and guidance and Winter League is one of the latter.

The song doesn't have the traditional setup with a discernible chorus that is repeated through the song so there's much more of a purpose behind their instrumentation and lyrics.  They have a place where they are going with the song and it's determined early on that they are going to bring you along with  them.  Building a non-traditional style song is a risky proposition because when you have a verse, chorus, verse type of set up, the audience has a basic outline of what to expect out of the song and you can potentially deny them the opportunity to get caught on the hook and all that but it doesn't seem to be a problem with this track.

Alex's vocals just grab you and you don't need any tricks or magic to make it to the end of the song.  There's nothing derivative or forced here.  It's solid indie rock that has a heart and body to it and it's all grounded around Alex.  As the leader of the band, it's his charisma vocal delivery that cements it all together.  It would be exceptionally easy for a less talented singer to let these tracks overwhelm him and overtake the vocal all together but Alex easily shows a maturity in his leadership by holding his own and letting his passion for what he's singing come through.

The production value on this song and others on their Reverbnation page just blow me away because the songs do not sound like anything from a local indie band.  The songs are polished and sound ready for mainstream release.  I am beyond blown away by the overall quality of this group and I hope they don't stay a small hometown band for long because that would do them an utter disservice.  They deserve to be heard by the world and they absolutely need to be snagged by a major label soon.  I could easily see them touring with groups like Fair to Midland or Tame Impala or Grizzly Bear.  There's enough art house/progressive to their sound that they could mix in with that crowd or they could get down with the indie dudes without question.

I certainly keep track of this group and bring more to you as I get it.  They have the potential for doing amazing things in the very near future.

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