Sunday, December 21, 2014

Stormby - I Can't Stop (Loving You)

Restraint.  That's the first thing that comes to mind when listening to this track.  The restraint and patience that Stormby had creating this track is Herculean.  The slow, deliberate pace of the song pulses and throbs until the end never feeling like he wanted to get ahead of himself or the track.  You never feel rushed or like you're being forced to finish.  You just take your time and savor and luxuriate in every second of the song.  Much like how you feel when you're in love.  When you're wrapped up in it with everything you have, you never want it to end.

You're immediately my friend when you throw a sax into any track and his use of that glorious horn in this song elevates it to new heights because of how it punctuates the beats and rhythm.  The song has a very 90s club feel to it and I think that era of music produced some stellar tracks so if he was paying homage to those producers and divas of the time, he hit it right on the mark.  This is a track that would slow the dance floor down into a sweaty, sexy mass of bodies just living for the moment.

Stormby is a favorite of ours around here and a good friend so it's incredible to hear great tracks from him as often as possible.

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