Sunday, December 21, 2014

Slow Knights - Without You

To appropriate a quote from the Batman franchise, "Slow Knights isn't the pop group the world wants, it's the pop group the world needs."  The members of this group just get it. Rod Thomas, Bridget Barkan, Mykal Kilgore and Xavier all come together on this track and it's so good.  When all the pieces of a song come together and the lyrics work and the vocalists are singing the hell out of it and the production is on point, you create magic.  Del Marquis does that every time he sits behind the board with this super group of amazingly talented artists.

This track is a full on, dreamy duet that has such innate longing and desire between Rod and Bridget on lead vocals.  Both of them are tapping into a serious place of experience and feeling that you just feel every word they say and know it to be true.  The song echoes those feelings we've all had of being without someone and how it effects every aspect of what we do and who we are.  It builds into a controlled fever pitch of emotion between them both that leaves you just spent.  If this is an example of the work they are going to be releasing in March, then please....bring it on.

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