Thursday, June 26, 2014

Josiah Carr - Love is Love

Sometimes you have to step away from all the production and synth and just cleanse your palate.  Piano driven pop music is one of the methods I use to reset all of me when I just get overwhelmed by all the technology driven music that I listen to day in and day out.  I've recently become acquainted with a new artist that sounds amazing and does a fantastic job of stripping away all the noise and pollution in my head.  Nashville based Josiah Carr is a new artist that is currently making his rounds in the clubs and smaller venues paying his dues to the music gods.  And he's doing a helluva job.

I saw him at Louisville Pride perform to a decent sized crowd and easily hold their attention through his set.  What he didn't see was how the venue was set up and the acoustics carried was that not only did his music touch those that were in front of the stage, but it also carried all across the park so that everyone that was attending the event heard him.  He performed mostly cover songs and that's totally understandable.  The audience was vibing off his set so he went with what they wanted to hear.  This shows that he's learned to read off the crowd and keep the energy level where he needs it to be.  There are artists that have been in the industry for years that haven't learned this and they just barrel through a set and the audience never even bothers to care.  I've been to shows like that and it's a miserable experience for everyone.

I want you to take a listen to the original track I've attached, Love is Love and let me know what you think of Josiah.  I think he's got a bit of John Mayer mixed with a little Jason Mraz but I've also heard more of his music than you have.  I think with the right production and the right guidance, there's nothing this young man can't do.  I'll keep you informed of what's going on in Mr. Carr's music life and when that CD drops, you can bet I'll be all about it.

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