Monday, June 2, 2014

Miss Coco Peru - Show Me Your Pride

With the start of Pride season upon us, a slew of new anthems are going to vie for position for the newest to take the crown.  And all I can say is that all those other upstart bitches need not apply because the title has been securely snatched (yes I said that) by Miss Coco Peru.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen; only on the second day of June and she's already got it.  I generally don't post much when it comes to songs like this but I couldn't pass this one up. But I do love to cover people that I've looked up to for a while.  I don't think there are many queens in the industry that can hold her gaff let alone a candle to the start power that is Miss Coco Peru.  It's an actual song, it's not a gimmick.  It's not some flash in the pan or something thrown together to get some publicity for an up and coming queen. 

What Coco has is a standpoint backed with a storied career.  She's worked in the business for some time now (it's never polite to reveal a girls age) and has seen her share of people move to the big city and struggle with where they fit in.  This song isn't about forcing anyone out of the closet, it's about helping them realize that once they're out of the closet, there's a whole world of people waiting to greet them with open arms and help them to realize that they aren't fundamentally wrong and they aren't broken.  They've just been trying to fit their puzzle piece into the wrong puzzle for too long.

So go grab you a cup of Tension Tamer and sit back and let the history and the reverence of one of the industry's finest performers wash over you.  And don't forget to show her yours.....

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