Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Johnny Stimson - So. Good.

There are songs that make you want to just get down and then there are songs that want to take you behind the gym and get you pregnant.  "So. Good." by Johnny Stimson is one of those songs.  It makes you curl your lip and drop into some of the deepest shoulder action you've ever given.  It settles into your bones and makes you groove the swankiest groove you've felt.  It warms you up like a hot beverage on a cold day.  It spreads all through your body and ignites all your pleasure sensors at once.  It's sultry and it's slinky.  It's a warm fire place with the spaghetti straps on the negligée slipping off the shoulder.  It's all of these things without ever being smutty or degrading.  It's everything you want in a song to set the mood.  It doesn't matter what Johnny touches, he is magic.

I'm reminded a bit of Prince and a little Motown.  More than anything I'm just swept off my feet by this track.  This song just makes you feel.  And it feels...good.  It's entrancing and you can't stop listening to it.  It seems it doesn't matter what genre Johnny sings,  he is going all in and making it his by putting his own unique spin on the track.  I really and truly can't say enough about him as an artist and I want him to be a mega star because he deserves it.

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