Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Big Dipper - Skank

Here's the thing.  Dipper doesn't defy convention, he crushes it.  He demolishes it and never bats an eye. It would be easy to write him off as a novelty act but what separates him and solidifies him as a true artist is his not only his ability to give you the best performance ever but his skill as an emcee.  Minimize the tab on the video and listen to his lyrics.  Listen to his flow and his command over every bit of what is coming out of his mouth.  The man has talent and then some.  Don't get me wrong, he's raucous and he's over the top but I think that portion of his performance only helps to ground him.  I think what he accomplishes in his videos are the things that we want to do; no, we need to do them but have issue breaking those rules in our every day life.  It makes us take a look at our lives and reflects the things we are afraid to admit.

I've talked before how unconventional he is and how it could be very easy to want to watch his videos behind shaded eyes because they pull no punches.  They are honest and they are raw.  Without that, though, Dipper would be just another rapper in the long line of artists that have a home studio.  He is going to challenge your perceptions and he is going to make you think twice about what is art.  In this video, he is serving all of the Pretty Woman realness he can in a postmodern love story.  It's amazing how easy the song flows over the visuals.  It's perfectly crafted and it leaves you a little worn out and in need of a smoke.  The video was created thanks to the generous donations of his fan base on Kickstarter and he's not afraid of social media.  As a matter of fact, he is very active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine.

Big Dipper on the Web
Twitter: @bigdipperjelly

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