Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Colorstarr - Do It Again

Dream Pop, Retro Future, New New Wave, Indie Pop.  So many labels but the only one that really needs to be applied here is incredibly catchy pop music.  This international band has created a track that will certainly have you moving.  It's got a full sound and the production and mastering create an amazing sound that is much bigger than their first single.  These guys work amazingly well together to create a sound that rivals bands that have been in the industry much longer than they have.  It's a clean track that does it's job superbly.  You feel uplifted and you want more from them.  It touches on an emotion that we've all felt at one time or another.  It's that feeling that everything is just perfect and you want to experience it again.  Don't dismiss them as a one trick pony because their other tracks on their Soundcloud page are equally as polished.

Colorstarr on the Web
Twitter: @Colorstarr

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