Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bright Light Bright Light - This Is Me Without You

It simply doesn't matter what he does.  Anything Rod Thomas touches is sure to be evocative.  It's going to make you feel something, whether it's hope or sadness and despair or so many emotions along the spectrum.  His ability to express the exact feeling that we all have done at some point is only overshadowed by the way he is able to put it to music and give it universal appeal.  "This Is Me Without You" is the B-side to "Moves" off his latest EP and it's just dripping with brilliance.

It's a song about growth and change and perseverance.  It's something that we all have experienced in one way or another and whether it be amiable or bittersweet or even downright hurtful, underneath it all we want to be able to walk away and dust ourselves off and keep going.  We want to be able to examine our scars and experiences and make the best out of it that we can.

I feel like I can never speak highly enough about Rod because he is quickly becoming what I consider to be one of the voices of my generation.  He speaks more truths in his music that most people do on a daily basis.

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