Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Amelia's Fault (feat Color Theory) - Colder

All things synth is the best way to go in my book.  Because the genre is so varied, it's nearly impossible to not find something that will immediately key into your current state of being.  Some artists  put out super poppy songs that you want to listen to when your saccharine levels aren't high enough and there are artists that need to hit you in that dark and moody spot.  That's where Amelia's Fault is going to get you.  In that spot when you've been overtaken by melancholy and you just want to sit in the corner and eat/drink/sleep your feelings.

Amelia's Fault is producer Matt Eriksson, songwriter Richard Hymas, and lyricist Charlie Mason.  This is their debut single featuring vocals by Color Theory.  What they have created is a beautifully melodic track that is haunting and atmospheric.  The manner in which Matt layers the synth, it gives the track a feeling of danger with something sinister lurking just underneath the surface.  Color Theory's vocals give this track the perfect amount of attitude while sliding over you like a menacing fog rolling in off the moors.  The chorus will bury itself in your brain and you'll have a difficult time getting it out of your head.

The brains behind the outfit have a plan in the books to have different vocalists on each track with this project.  I love this idea because it leaves room for interpretation from the vocalists as well as showcasing new talent for each track.  You're not locked into one sound and if you look at the success Slow Knights has had with their debut album, Cosmos it's easy to see how this is a winning formula.

Colder is a free download for a limited time on Amazon.  You can get it here

Amelia's Fault on the Web


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