Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dakota Bradley - Somethin Like Somethin

Hunter Hayes.  Jason Mraz.  What happens when you take two of the biggest heartthrobs from two different genres and smoosh them together?  You get Dakota Bradley, a St. Louis native and the newest sensation to take country radio by storm.  Not only country radio, but he's already begun to make a name for himself on the internet; landing a spot on The Ellen Degeneres show after a cover of "The Girl is Mine" went viral.  From there, Dakota has released his first single and in doing so snagged Tim McGraw as a producer.  And now he's on a promo tour after being signed to Sony.

So let's talk about his debut single, "Something Like Somethin".  It starts off with a little bit of Jason Mraz then takes a left turn and becomes something all on it's own.  Something that is all Dakota.  It's a great summer song because it's just easy and fun.  It's not complicated and it will have you bobbing along before the first chorus.  It's well written and with the proper promotion - it could easily be a number one hit.  It's one of those things where he could be the male version of Taylor Swift.  Not a carbon copy, mind you...but someone for young male country fans to look up to.  A voice for all the things that young male fans feel and need to express like Taylor did for her fanbase.

What I appreciate about the country/folk/americana genres is that you have to be able to sing.  You can't have a ton of clean up in post because the fans won't put up with it.  As much as I like the song because it is just easy breezy, I like it because Dakota delivers it like he's been doing it for years.  He is going to be someone soon and when this track is picked up by the major stations and the official video hits GAC and CMT's countdowns, you'll appreciate being on this side of it because you can tell your friends you knew about him months and months ago.  What's going to be cool for him is when he becomes VH1's "Artist You Oughtta Know".

The track releases on iTunes today so get it now and be the coolest kid on your block.  Download on iTunes now: http://smarturl.it/DakotaBradley

Dakota on the Web
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dakota-Bradley/136617573053138
Twitter: @DakotaBradley
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/dbradleymusic

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