Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hurricane Love - Only Human

I've said it before but there is something about Sweden that cranks out amazing pop.  I don't know if it's the climate, the water or the politics but something has the ability to shape and craft groups that will just blow you away.  This six piece indie band from Malmö hasn't been posting music online for very long but what they have put online is incredible.  If you go to their soundcloud, there are 4 tracks available for streaming and their YouTube channel has 2 of those songs, "Only Human" and "Deep Under Water". Both the acoustic versions of the songs and the versions with the full production are brilliant.  They are so full and just fill up all the space with this incredible sound.

One of my most favorite elements a band can have are multiple vocalists and to have a male and a female vocalist adds so much interest because of the harmonies they can create or the stories they can tell.  With this track, "Only Human" the song is sung from the perspectives of the people involved in the relationship and there is so much emotion and power behind it.  It's an incredibly honest song and doesn't try to glorify the idea of a relationship, it's stripped down and bare and by the end of the song, you are just exhausted.

I highly recommend this group because they are simply, amazing.

Hurricane Love on the Web
Twitter: @HurricaneLoveHL

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