Friday, December 7, 2012

Jinx Titanic and the Ladykillers - Mister Cassanova

Jinx Titanic has never been one to mince words.  You never ever had to wonder where you stood with him, musically speaking as it were.  He has always been open and honest about his wants, needs and desires.  With the evolution from Super 8 C*m Shot to The Ladykillers you are privy to a more playful side of Jinx.  You still know where you stand but now, its to a more shagged out beat.  Throw in a little bossanova and dress it up with a mod sensibility and you're getting close to the new sound.  For those in need of a visual, think what what would happen to Don Draper and crew if they knew no one was watching.

It's one part Old Fashioned with a twist of burlesque.  The sex appeal just drips off this album but it never ventures into the realm of smutty or trashy.  It's sexy.  It's smoky. It's sultry.  It's probably one of the most enjoyable albums I've picked up in a long time.  The songs are all cheeky and will make you just have a good time.  For me, there are some stand out tracks even though they are all outstanding I am a huge fan of "What Turns You On" and "Dirty Little So and So".  I am also partial to "You Drive Me Wild" because I love surf rock and this track makes me want to be on a beach blanket bingo somewhere.

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