Friday, December 7, 2012

DJ Chris Spear - Clarity (Remix)

I think what makes a remix special consists of 2 things.

1.) Paying homage to the original
2.) Bringing a new point of view to the track while breathing new life into it.

DJ Chris Spear has this ability to sound like he's been doing this for far longer than he actually has been.  In an electrohouse remix of Zedd's, "Clarity" he doesn't stray to far from the original arrangement  but what he does is fill out the track to give it a much larger sound.  He has added additional interest and has definitely made a case for his point of view that after you listen to his version against the original, you go..."Ok, I see that he did need to add that additional reverb there" or "Yes, you are correct.  There did need to be a little more added to this eight count to make it more robust".  He does have something to say and if you go through his catalog you can see that he is evolving into quite a producer and it would be really cool to hear him working with artists in the near future.

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