Monday, November 19, 2012

Jhameel - Shadow of a Man

This is the reason that music exists.  This song so eloquently describes the human condition in a mere 3:47.  There is a message, there is purpose.  But it doesn't preach.  Yes, it is a song about decisions and whether or not the ones being made are the best for everyone concerned but it's so much more than the moral at the end of the After School Special.  It's art.  It's evokes emotion and it makes you feel.  Jhameel has done that for me since day one of becoming a fan.  He makes transcendent experiences that take you out of the world for a piece and bring you back as something more than you were.

This song came from his Are You Free adventure and was one of my favorite songs from that set of tracks.  It's actually super hard to announce one favorite song because he is simply amazing.  The song on it's own is brilliant and the added visuals from the video take it to the next logical step and create something more than the sum.  I hope that you can watch this video and get a sense of what he is trying to accomplish with this track.

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