Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Beth Ditto - In and Out

I can't describe properly just how amazing Beth Ditto is and I don't think she gets nearly enough recognition for the incredible body of work that she's put out. She's brash and she's bold and she's just an artist that has cultivated a sound that isn't like anyone else in the industry. Each track she releases just proves that she continues to grow and become a more realized version of the true artist she should be. She's got a lot of rebel in her and she makes me think of Joan Baez and Dusty Springfield and Janis Joplin. Her music is honest and it's just so freaking cool.

"In and Out" is a new single off her latest album, Fake Sugar and the bass line is just so chunky and it sounds so good against her vocals. She amazes me with what she can do when she sings. I adore her and everything she puts out. She does a great job telling a story about two people that are trying their best to be the best for each other but more often than not, we struggle to maintain the connections and ties that bring us together. It's a part of life that we have all felt at one point in our lives. We do everything we can to make sure we are being the most attentive partner we can but sometimes that just isn't enough. We just have to make sure that the fight we are fighting is worth it.

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