Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Cristina F - Dear Beauty

There's something theatrical about the production of this song. I feel like it would fit beautifully in a Broadway show about coming of age. Whether it's a song about introspection and learning who we are or if it's a song about someone actually leaving our lives. I think that as we get older, we spend a lot of time examining those things and those ideals. What we hold dear and what we hold important in ourselves and in relationships change as we grow in ourselves and our experiences shape who we are. We may face disappointment and we may have to deal with unexpected twists and turns in our lives but through it all, as long as we stand strong and work every day to be a little better - there's nothing we can't persevere and grow. Like a dandelion growing through the concrete, beauty finds a way.

Cristina F has created a song that has some life to it. Some mileage on it and it connects with me, specifically on a primal level. I know where she's at. I've felt these feelings and I know how hard it is to smile when it feels like we aren't in the place we need to be in the world. Her voice reminds me of so many amazing female vocalists; Vicci Martinez, Beverly McClellan, Serena Ryder, Chantal Kreviazuk. Women you probably haven't heard of but women that are powerful and strong and who have been kicked around by life a little and have lived and created a creative space and outlet for their joy and their pain and given thoughts and feelings a chance to become something bigger than themselves.

This is an amazing song from an up and coming artist that you will see grow bigger and brighter as more people learn about her. I feel fortunate to have caught her this early in her career so when she's singing to sold out auditoriums I can say, I remember when. Check her out and listen to her newest Digital EP over on SoundCloud, "The Flowers". It's earthy and it's soulful. It's comfort food for the soul, for sure.

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