Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wunder Wunder - Coastline

I don't think you could ask for anything easier than this.  It just drifts through and doesn't ask for much and doesn't leave much of a footprint until it floats back through.  Wunder Wunder is the brainchild of Australian born, LA based producers; Aaron Shanahan and Benjamin Plant and it's a project that is wrapped up in the indie pop/dream pop scene and it's totally fine.  What you may not know is that it's a side project of Miami Horror.  It's conceptual and it's ethereal.  This is a song that you just throw on and just relax.  You're just cruising the Pacific Coast Highway on a perfect Sunday afternoon.  It's very The Mamas and The Papas.  It's that vibe.  It's free and easy.  Super Coachella, boho chic in the very best way.  Very Manifest Destiny.