Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Christianoshi - Trust

Christianoshi is an electro-pop project out of London that is serving modern day New Wave.  But don't think that's as far as this goes.  He is in no way a replicator or an idolater.  There are moments of inspiration that slip through but this is all new and it's totally now.  You can hear how he is paying homage to great acts like Erasure or Blancmange and has been compared to them.  His first single, "Trust" is due to be released March 9th and it is simply gorgeous.  The production is crazy good.  The bass line is so deep and throaty that you get it all in your chest.  The synths are clean and straight forward without being overworked or over produced.  His vocals are the star in this track.  I am in awe of how amazing he sounds and how well he just owns this track.

This song doesn't pull punches.  It says what it means and means what it says.  Communication and trust are the fundamentals of any relationship or encounter so at the heart of this massive hit is a lesson in what it means to be part of something bigger than yourself and allowing yourself to let go of all that control that drives you day in and day out and just be.  Just open yourself up and let someone in whether it's for an hour or a lifetime.  You can preorder the single on iTunes both domestically and internationally.  Click here to go buy it.  Support our indie artists because they are the ones out there busting their asses every day to give us incredible, original art.  Don't be a dick and steal it.

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